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Introduction to the Reddio Java SDK

The Reddio Java SDK provides Java libraries to use Reddio API with Java async API.


The Reddio Java SDK has the following features:

  • The StarEx Cryptographic Library
  • Low-Level and High-Level Reddio API clients
  • Deposit, transfer, buy, sell, and withdraw assets
  • Interaction with Ethereum


Importing the Reddio Java SDK

Get the latest version on Maven Central Repository ( and import it into your project:

  • For Maven:
  • For Gradle:
    implementation 'com.reddio:reddio-api:VERSION'


Here is an example to write a script to query the user's balances with stark_key:

public void getBalances() throws ExecutionException, InterruptedException {
    DefaultReddioRestClient restClient = DefaultReddioRestClient.testnet();
    CompletableFuture<ResponseWrapper<GetBalancesResponse>> balancesFuture = restClient.getBalances(GetBalancesMessage.of(
    ResponseWrapper<GetBalancesResponse> result = balancesFuture.get();

Frequently used classes and methods

  • Low-Level API

    • ReddioRestClient: is the interface of Low-Level API for using Reddio API, you can find the corresponding methods for each REST API.
    • DefaultReddioRestClient: is the implementation of Low-Level REST API, and there are two factory methods for instantiating: DefaultReddioRestClient.mainnet() and DefaultReddioRestClient.testnet().
  • High-Level API

    • ReddioClient:
      • com.reddio.api.v1.ReddioClient is the interface for High-Level API. It encapsulates the complex and boring codes for signing the request with StarEx Cryptographic Library for easy-to-use purposes.
      • com.reddio.api.v1.ReddioClient.WithStarkExSigner is the interface for Ethereum interactions like deposit and withdrawal on Layer1. WithStarkExSigner can be spawned from ReddioClient with a private key.
    • DefaultReddioClient: The default implementations are com.reddio.api.v1.DefaultReddioClient and com.reddio.api.v1.DefaultReddioClient.DefaultWithStarkExSigner.

It is recommended to use High-Level API for a better experience.

  • CryptoService: com.reddio.crypto.CryptoService provides interactions with StarEx Cryptographic library, like signing and Public-key cryptography-related methods.