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Starknet Smart Contracts

Starknet smart contracts are written by the Reddio team, and cover the most common use cases for Starknet; So that you don't need to learn anything about Starknet programming language, Cairo. And each of them are:

  • Updated by Reddio team aligned with Cairo updates
  • Open source and free to deploy (excl. gas fees)
  • Fully owned by the contract deployer (you)

Here are the smart contracts provied so far on the Github repo.

TokenCreate and mint ERC20 tokens.
Token DropDistribute funds to multiple recipients.
NFTCreate and mint ERC721 token.
EditionCreate editions of ERC1155 tokens.
NFT StakeStake ERC721 for ERC20 tokens as rewards.
NFT MarketplaceBuy and sell ERC721/ERC1155 tokens with ERC20 tokens.